Bio Restaurant – Healthy Food

Natural food, directly from our farm

Healthy food is one of the main reasons for which we have created the Ferma Club, an exclusive place by way of the quality of the offered services and dishes.

We take in much of the vegetables and fruits (which we serve to our guests both fresh, as well as in various jams and specialties) from the garden and from the orchard and from the farm we take the raw material for meals based on meat and dairy, whether we are talking about breakfast (where you will find fresh cheese, quail egg omelette, milk, natural sausage, produced by us, such as dunghill cock jerky), lunch and dinner (vietnamese pork steak or berber jerky being among the preferences of our friends that visit us several times a year) or special events.

The restaurant can accommodate up to 30 people and it is possible to organize many events in it. Our guests will also be able to enjoy the view and the clean mountain air by dining on the spacious terrace of the guesthouse or in the wooden gazebo.

The restaurant operates in closed circuit (may you wish to taste our dishes, but you are not staying with us, please contact us in advance).

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