Ferma Club 5* Activities

Discover Our Farm

We invite you to a walk through the Ferma Once you are at Ferma Club, we invite you to leave aside mobile phones, tablets, laptops and other such objects of the new generation and proceed to a (re) discovery of the country life that the little ones will love and the adults will regard with […]

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Discover the Bucegi Mountains

Discover the Bucegi Mountains The Ferma Club 5 * is the starting point for some of the most beautiful natural reservations in the Bucegi Mountains. We will gladly provide you with information on the route to these and in the case of organized groups we provide a mountain guide with which you will discover the […]

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Muscel Hamlet, a place lost in the mists of time

Discover a place lost in the mists of time At a distance of three quarters of hour walking from Moroeni, at the border of Dâmboviţa and Prahova counties, there is the Muşcel hamlet, a place that was lost in the mists of time with only 60 inhabitants, a genuine Romanian village that we invite you […]

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