Discover Our Farm

We invite you to a walk through the Ferma

Once you are at Ferma Club, we invite you to leave aside mobile phones, tablets, laptops and other such objects of the new generation and proceed to a (re) discovery of the country life that the little ones will love and the adults will regard with nostalgia. We will find many animals (how many of today’s children have seen live – not on wikipedia! – a turkey or a peacock?), many fruit trees in the orchard (let’s see who makes the difference between an apple tree or a cherry?) and many vegetables and fruits in the garden.

The cuddliest animals have met at Ferma Club: proud peacocks, friendly ponies, noisy turkeys, bumtious cocks, elegant ducks, adorable Vietnamese pigs or full of energy pigeons, all of which you will discover in a small walk through the Ferma!

Along with them, the gorgeous orchard with lots of trees and the greenhouse from which the meals from Ferma are prepared will offer you a complete experience of what healthy life means in the mountains!


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