Muscel Hamlet, a place lost in the mists of time

Discover a place lost in the mists of time

At a distance of three quarters of hour walking from Moroeni, at the border of Dâmboviţa and Prahova counties, there is the Muşcel hamlet, a place that was lost in the mists of time with only 60 inhabitants, a genuine Romanian village that we invite you to discover.

A clarence passes very close to us. A woman was holding the reins and was curbing the horse. She greets us. She was coming back from the Sunday fair. She had sold cheese and some milk. From Moroieni she bought the things that she needed in the household. Once a week, the more powerful people from Muscel descend to the center. The elders have not left the village for decades. They barely remember what the city looks like…

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